Mobile apps are huge news and there is a strong business case for hotel brands to invest in an app as part of their owned media efforts. It offers a new way to reach clients, be present in the palm of guests’s hands as they look to make a booking, increases guest convenience and taps into the mobile search revolution. Of course, all of these advantages require actual user downloads to become reality and that means hotel apps optimisation to improve Play and App Store visibility. So, once you’ve built your app, how do you go about marketing it to reach those potential guests? Keep reading to find out our four top strategies for marketing your mobile app…

  • Make Sure It’s Helpful

With such a saturated travel app marketplace, competition is rampant. You can market your app using every tool under the sun, but if it isn’t solving a customer’s problem or helping them in some way, then none of it will be of any use – and you could end up wasting a lot of time and money. If the app is free, then you could get a certain number of downloads out of curiosity alone – but coercing users into consistently engaging with the app will prove more troublesome. Ensure quality, originality and necessity at the outset and you can ensure a certain level of peer-to-peer and word of mouth marketing without having to resort to costly and time-consuming tactics.

  • Get Creative

As prevalent as they are, mobile apps are still relatively new – leaving you with lots of options as to how to spread the word. After ensuring your hotel apps optimisation for mobile, consider some of the wackier ways of telling people all about it! Maybe you could create a video about the app and try to make it go viral? Or build a website prior to launch day and share teaser content to pique customer interest? The options end only where your imagination does – so brainstorm where your target market will be looking and then position your app in those places.

  • Get Social

A hugely effective way of marketing a mobile app is through social media, social sharing and reaching out to bloggers for endorsements. Travel bloggers could be incentivised by a free stay at your hotel in return for a review on their website – the top bloggers and vloggers in this field achieve millions of views and will be providing you with infinitely shareable content which has resonance with a large market of potential customers. By recruiting social influencers as brand ambassadors, you immediately stamp it with an air of authority and desirability.

  • Optimise for Mobile Advertising

If you’re building a mobile app, it’s important that the app is advertised where mobile users can see it. Google has a mobile app option when buying PPC advertising, which could be just the thing you need to help spread the word.