Marketing your hotel app is one of the most important stages of any app launch, as without a clever plan in place, the chances are nobody will see what you’ve created! Its not just something that matters at the start however. After the first flush of interest immediately following your apps release, you’ll need to double down on your marketing efforts to ensure that there continues to be interest and downloads to justify the investment in your mobile app creation.

Here are five straightforward ways of spreading the world which can be used during launch and maturity phases.

Promote Directly To Your Audience

This might sound maddeningly simplistic, but your starting point when promoting your hotel app should be your existing customers. Seek meaningful conversations with the end-users who will get the best use from your app, be it via an e-mail marketing shot letting them know you’re launching, or via a social media post letting them know the app has launched. This is a great way of securing some initial downloads and potential reviews from those who already know and regularly connect with your hotel brand.

Remember Your App Store Optimisation

Just as your website is your online calling card, your app store presence is often the first sight of your hotel which your potential customers see. Make sure all the elements you can control – such as your icon, your description and screenshots – are optimised to show your app in the best possible light and to demonstrate the highest levels of competency and usability.

Promote Your App In All Your Communications

You’re proud of your new app – so why not let it be known? You can include an app store link within your e-mail signature, include a download link on your website, and links to your app site via your blog and social media channels. Handled correctly and timed well, no combination of these forms of promotion will grate with your existing customer base, because you’re avoiding the hard-sell whilst still using some great methods of mobile app marketing.

Promote The Benefits of the App, Not The App Itself

This is a tricky promotional tactic to get right. Far too many apps are marketed incorrectly simply for promoting the app without indicating what actual benefit it will provide those who download. An app isn’t passive – you are asking your customers to engage with it, and to care enough to add it to a device. You must be sure to let them know what benefit your app will be bringing them. Include a clear call to action in your promotional material and outline how your app will help your customers.

Understand Your App Needs Maintenance

After launch, it’s important to keep a close eye on your app’s progress. Check for any reviews and try to cultivate positive reviews, as they are great for encouraging faith in your offering – and don’t be afraid to alter and refresh your strategy if you notice something isn’t working.