5 Essential Marketing Tools For Independent Hotels

If you’re responsible for revenue management, hotel marketing can seem like a daunting task at times. However, you can make the process easier, more effective and more profitable by calling in expert assistance in the form of specialist tools designed to help you work more efficiently, understand your market and give you the data you need to make sound decisions across multiple key operational areas.

1. Specialist revenue management hotel software

The first key tool to be added to your kit should be a specialist revenue management software solution. Our software is robust, reliable and flexible. It effortlessly forecasts rates to help you balance supply and demand for better RevPAR, can easily handle multiple data sets and external factors such as weather and major events and will integrate seamlessly with your existing operations.

Digital Arabia’s revenue management software is a complete solution designed to empower you to make the best data-led decisions, with a clear, target-driven strategy that is bespoke to your hotel.

2. Internet booking engine

A capable, user-friendly and well-designed internet booking engine is an indispensable tool for revenue management and one that can exponentially increase conversions, ramp up revenues and increase ADR.

Your chosen internet booking engine should make the process of checking rates and booking rooms intuitive, quick and easy for guests and work seamlessly across device types. Digital Arabia’s market leading booking engine is packed with features to take your revenue management to the next level with multiple language and currency support, a rate comparison tool, room substitution, social media integration, secure payment gateways and full white label functionality.

3. Optimizely (or other landing page testing tool)

To generate serious conversions from your hotel website, you need as much data as possible. Optimizely is a landing page testing tool that gives concrete, data-backed insights about your landing pages, allowing you to refine designs, content and calls to action to create the most compelling, best performing pages possible. Instead of guessing what works best, a landing page testing tool serves up multiple variations of a page so you can test elements such as the call to action, headline, subject line or image selection to determine which resonates best with your audience. Having a landing page testing tool to call upon means you can continuously improve your page performance to consistently increase conversions.

4. Hootsuite

A social media presence is non-negotiable but, how do you pull together data from several disparate platforms in a manner that allows for easier decision making and course correction? A social media management tool such as Hootsuite can be used to bulk upload social media posts with post scheduling to save time and ensure all accounts are updated regularly.

It also provides comprehensive reporting, allowing you to track mentions, retweets, shares, likes, new followers and most popular posts. All managed from one interface, Hootsuite makes it possible to see what content is working, which channels are performing best, handle reputation management and assess the ROI of social media marketing efforts.

5. Google Analytics

The flagship analytics service from the number one search engine, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be used to help you carve out stronger results across your website, digital channels and apps.

With multiple report types and advanced functionality, it’s a treasure trove of data – all of which can be used to help you understand your customers better and effectively measure the impact of your marketing activities.

If you’re in charge of revenue management, hotel marketing tools like these can make life easier and digital activity more successful. Get in touch with us to learn more.