Social media marketing is a great way to increase your overall revenue. As digital marketing experts, Digital Arabia have the skills required to help you reach (and exceed) your targets, providing superior social media services in Dubai. Read on to find out our top seven tips for increasing revenue via your social media channels…

  • Respond to Enquiries (and Complaints) Quickly

Social media is now a top avenue for customers to instigate an enquiry or complaint. The instant nature of the medium lends itself to speedy response times – and customers expect nothing less from your business. Having procedures in place and staff trained to handle both general enquires about your business and in addition, potential complaints, makes your company instantly look and feel more agile and ready to face 21st century challenges. If your customers feel they can trust you to respond to their selected avenue of contact, they’ll feel much more secure in making their booking.

  • Clearly Link To Your Website

It seems a simple thing, but ensuring your social media provides clear links and steers traffic towards your website is crucial to securing increased revenue from bookings. Social media acts as an avenue of continual engagement, but your purchasing power lies with your website – so that’s where you ultimately want your customers to end up. Provide regular links to pages of your site, and encourage visits with incentives and clear calls to action such as check availability now.

  • Provide Continual Engagement

Make sure your social posts are regular and offer suitable enticement for engagement with your hotel. This can involve a number of different activities; all geared towards ensuring your customers feel valued.  Run competitions, offer discounts, and give a sense of exclusivity or insider knowledge to your followers. If you’re engaging with a professional for social media services in Dubai and they aren’t offering continual engagement, it may be time to make the switch.

  • Give Customers A Reason to Spend Money

This is closely linked with engagement, as customers who feel they have a reason to spend with you will be more likely to do so – and to spend money on a regular basis. Encouraging brand loyalty through social media is one of the key aims for many businesses, as customers are more likely to provide repeat custom to a brand they feel they ‘know’.

  • Balance Your Content

Customers don’t want their newsfeeds clogged with offers, even if those offers suit their needs and wants. As a key factor of customer relationship management, remember to balance your sales-based content with other forms, such as travel guides, videos, images and local insight.

  • Build Brand Awareness

Social media channels can be great for SEO, and help to give your hotel an air of authority. Customers want to know more about the companies they buy from, so social media provides a great way of building your awareness with target customers. Don’t be afraid to discuss the individual benefits of choosing your hotel over another on your social media channels, as a great way to give you a competitive advantage.

  • Increase Your Credibility

Credibility is of the utmost importance to consumers. Combining these tips to create a strong, coherent social media strategy will help you to heighten your efforts quickly and remove any hesitation customers might feel before making a purchase.