Adding a Touch of Luxury to Your Web Design

Website development and design trends are constantly evolving. This means that something that looks stylish and on-trend today can easily become outdated or out of touch. The good news is that with this perpetual evolution comes a pool of new trends and techniques to tap into.

If you’re ready to add a sophisticated, luxe upgrade to your website and give it a modern facelift, read on for our pick of the seven chicest design trends of the year.


Minimalism is eternally elegant and paring back a busy site can help to instil a sense of sophistication and upgrade your web aesthetics. Keeping things sleek and slick is set to be a big trend in 2017, with a modern, uncluttered approach that promises to let your brand do the talking.

If your hotel’s design ethos is one of streamlined, fluid shapes, monochromatic colour schemes and open spaces, the minimalist web design trend will ensure your site perfectly reflects your property.

If your hotel is a little more eclectic, you can still tap into the minimal trend and incorporate it into your web site by taking away busier page elements, condensing colour choices and using a consistent palette for your website graphics. Consider streamlining navigation too to keep things simple while still packing a punch.


Cinemagraphs are no longer just for your Facebook posts. These grown up gifs are Insta-cool right now and add a fun, quirky and irreverent tone to your site. If you want to dip a toe in the trend, try adding to select blog posts rather than your main landing or brochure pages.

3.Bold typography

Text doesn’t have to be boring and, using bold, experimental typography will become more commonplace this year. This doesn’t call for you to throw caution to the wind or discount the minimalism trend entirely though. Think bold, statement headlines, coupled with more delicate body text such as you may see in a glossy magazine lay out.

Experiment with different typefaces and juxtapose one or two choices – limit the colour palette to exude sophistication or, brighten it up with a single statement letter to add vibrancy without straying too far from that covetable contemporary luxe feel.

4.Grid layouts

Grid or card layouts are rapidly gaining ground and offer an utterly stylish way to showcase your most aspirational and inspirational of images.

Inspired by Instagram collages, grid layouts can be grown up, with a simple colour palette and careful organisation of images. This is a digestible, flexible and engaging way to display interior and exterior shots on product pages but, you can also take it a step further and use a grid to collate user submitted photos to add a community twist.

The grid or card layout is a perfect addition to a travel site, given the popularity of travel images on Instagram and Pinterest. Mirroring that collage effect will display your most jaw dropping vistas, dishes and amenities in a fresh, modern way.


A number of brands have turned to illustrations as a way to differentiate their brands and create an instantly recognizable aesthetic. This is a relatively easy trend to incorporate into your existing web design. Tread lightly so as not to go over the line into cartoon. A well-placed addition here and there can speak volumes and because illustrations contrast so nicely with real pictures, a few small illustrations strategically placed are all that’s needed to make a big, edgy impact.

6.Web Apps

The web ecosystem is vast with millions of plugins, apps and SaaS platforms to choose from. As app use becomes more ingrained in day-to-day lifestyles, there’s a growing trend towards web apps. These app-like functions mirror what you might offer in a traditional mobile app, but can be deployed on your main website.

App inspired navigation and layouts are also growing in popularity. When LinkedIn overhauled its user desktop earlier this year, it based its entire new look on an app.

7.Immersive user experiences

This trend is all about taking the omnichannel principle to immersive new heights to really draw web visitors in to your brand experience. This calls for rich, beautiful imagery, videos, sounds and even virtual reality along with well written content to draw the reader in and give them a taste of your hotel without them ever leaving their desktop.

Website development and design trends are plentiful this year. There is an abundance of new technology advancements to test but standard components such as images, sliders, text and navigation are also being reimagined in exciting new ways. All of these possibilities can be mixed and matched to add a touch of luxury to your site and reinforce your brand’s personality and values.