All about Information Architecture

Information architecture is all about making the complex information that are present in a website into a relevant and comprehensible structure. When one sets out to get a knowhow of Information Architecture then one has to begin by learning the best possible outcomes. The findablity and usability factors are what make the content of a website absolutely structured.

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Findability of a Website

A website has findability of content which is the capacity that is related to search engines. This is normally done through referrals or from the interior part of the website itself. This is done through site searching and also with queries and questions. This is the main aim of information architecture. The information is usually ordered and is always a class apart on search results and is normally discovered with ease. In fact it is not actually possible to make an improved findability quotient for the website without getting the information architecture better.


The Usability factor of a site is normally the combination of result that is found on the User Interface of a website. It is also dependent on the Information Architecture and this relationship between the IA and the UI normally varies with particular websites. In most cases the user interface of a website is so designed that makes best use of pre defined information architecture. In some others the structure is so altered that a particular kind of user interface can be made a part of the site itself. It is also important that the algorithms in Google have a great effect on the overall user experience. This helps to decide the rankings on a website and the overall results appear on a particular page. All forms of Information Architecture are thus applicable in a particular pattern. There are various sources like SEO Company in Dubai which employ a test for such techniques.

Stages of Implementation of Information Architecture

The stages of how information architecture is implemented are done in the following manner.

  1. Initial Assessment: This is usually the step where the first stages of implementation are done. This is a time period of decision making and this is also the time when owners of the website, their developers, advisers, designers, Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai all come together to be able to take a decision and also be able to describe the main direction of the particular website. However there are some points that would get clarity during this phase and these include the brand strategies, business model and the main objectives?
  2. Structuring and Organizing the Process: The first and the most important level during which the information architecture is implemented when a definite pattern is done for the website. The structure of the site normally shows the priorities, page levels as well as the links and hierarchies and how they are all connected to each other.
  3. Design and Layout of the Process: The design as well the overall layout of the process is the main part of the hierarchy of a website and how they are formulated comes next. The next step is to show how a natural flow of information can be managed and how navigation could be used. New Information is always brought in a particular fashion.  One has to highlight the CTAs first and then old information too has to be not only shown in detail but also organized properly. This is normally done with a process called breadcrumb navigation, or page folds or pop ups or overlay texts and also with the help of a table of contents.
  4. Labelling: It is important to label the pages and links accurately as it has a very significant effect on the manner in which the information architecture is implemented. The owners of websites should ensure that there is a consistent terminology that spans across the website. This would help one to understand them better.
  5. Content in the Process: The next step involves giving a particular structure to the overall website with the help of content. This is done by providing the right kind of titles, paragraphs, header tags all of which are proper guides to those who visit the website.

Thus Information Architecture is about the combination of technical architecture and information in a particular patter. The structure of the website is based on this. The information architecture and the technical sides are like the same structures of two coins. Information architecture decides the technology that would come in place to empower the website and technical architecture is useful for efficient implementation. One needs a collaboration of both and it is this that makes the process of information architecture a concrete one.