The Awesome Four: 4 things to think about when selecting a website developer

For a business to successfully build a brand new website or redesign an existing one, it’s all about finding the right partner. Just as you want to seek out the best and most suitable contractor for building work on your home, so it goes for your company’s website. Here are four areas to focus on when finding and selecting a web design agency…


For practically any involved website work (especially if it’s creating a site entirely from scratch), you’ll likely require on-going support and expertise. In which case, in employing the right agency for the work you need, it’s important to find one that doesn’t just know what it’s doing but has experience. Ask them how long they’ve been around. What’s necessary for them to deliver good, successful projects? You might even want to check what they know about tech-essential things like search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media and mobile – do a little research on these areas, then throw the terms at them and see what they have to say about them.

Past work

Dubai’s a city that’s teeming with companies claiming they know the Internet and can create, build and deliver a website for any and every client, but to find the real deal, a reliable web design company in Dubai, you need to look into what they’ve actually delivered. What’s their portfolio like? It’s likely they’ll publicise their previous work on their own website. How does it look?

 Do they understand you?

It’s no good hiring a web developer business if it doesn’t understand yours; if it simply doesn’t get you, your aims and exactly what you want from it. If we’re talking about an agency that’s pretty boutique and delivers projects for a single sector or industry and hasn’t branched out into working for a company like yours, it’s sensible to be wary. Get to know them first and get a feel for what they’re about.

A full team?

Finally, who will actually be working on your website? You should look to meet and ensure you have access to the team deployed on your project – that means not just the account manager(s), but also the lead designer(s), the developers and probably the SEO team too. It’s important everyone understands, buys into and is committed to delivering your vision.