The best ways for hotels to use SEO to get a higher ranking on major search engines

Hotel companies wanting to get their search engine rankings higher must think about what will help them to get to the top. The most important lesson for firms to learn is that they will achieve this if they create fresh content on a regular basis. The content on a website has to be original and show off the company’s ethos and brand identity to really attract customers. Firms who want to win at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do so if they include the right keywords and phrases in their content to increase web page visibility. This will help with getting noticed by the major online search engines that include Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Once they are on the radar of these vital sites then they will organically rise up the ranks and help increase web traffic. Any text that is included on a hotel website needs to be incredibly engaging and informative, as well as written in the best possible way without any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. Whether the content is a web page advertising a special promotion, or a blog talking about a particular news item there has to be a fascinating hook to get guests interested. The title of whatever the content is on the accommodation site should be short, and customers must really want to carry on reading after a few lines.


The article should have concise paragraphs to keep travellers interested preferably with sub-headings. Keywords and phrases must not be overused in the content and can be included in titles. Companies must insert direct hyperlinks in the article that head to established sites that offer excellent content. There should not be more than two or three links in the text that takes readers to the various websites. When search engines such as Google scan content on hotel websites they take into account these links. They encourage them to push a site further up on search engine pages to increase their ranking and help gain new customers.


A brilliant SEO company in Dubai that can help with this endeavour is Digital Arabia that has amazing experts on its team of consultants. Companies will definitely want to use the knowledge the members of staff at this company have that can help get new customers to become loyal guests. They will offer a wonderful plan to achieve success and provide top advice on how to deal with SEO matters to gain a higher ranking on search engines. They will help with creating and maintaining a confident online presence that will attract potential guests to the site to learn about what the company has to offer. The experts will work closely with their clients to understand the ethos and brand identity of the firm to help beat rivals.


Something else hotel companies need to embrace to gain customers is a positive reputation on popular social media platforms. Firms have to sign up to Facebook, Twitter and picture-sharing site Instagram to gain new customers. Making their web articles or blogs available on social media channels is a great step towards getting a higher amount of online traffic to the site. Clickable icons must appear on each web page linking to the social media accounts, where firms can advertise special deals and packages to entice customers to the residence.