How to create a brilliant online hotel website to increase reservations and profits

Hotel companies must put the creation of their website as the top item on their business agenda, making sure it makes a brilliant online impression. A hotel website must be very effective in enticing customers to want to learn more about the product. Generating a top website is easy if a firm knows precisely how to express their message and ethos to the general public. The aim for companies is to ensure that travellers are encouraged to book directly on the website, rather than head to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to reserve a room. A great online presence will definitely mean a hotel firm gets a brilliant reputation.


  • The main objectives for a hotel when creating a website is to ensure it provides customers with clear information about the firm. The idea is that the site should attract them to want to stay at the property, and they should be able to imagine having a positive experience there. The site should also allow them to easily check rates and room availability so they can book with quickly and without much effort. There are certain things a website should provide such as being responsive, which mean its structure and design should adapt itself automatically to a number of screens including desktop computers, tablets and crucially to smartphones.


  • The website must also be easy to navigate and both content and images must load quickly. If a company site takes a long time to load, then a customer may decide to head to another firm’s site to book a room. Something else that needs to be absolutely wonderful on a site is the booking engine, which has to have clear information on rates and special deals. Having a simple design that reflects the brand message is crucial, and travellers must be able to immediately view what makes an accommodation unique as soon as they arrive on the site.


  • A clear menu structure is also vital as this allows navigation of the site to be uncomplicated, and allows customers to reach whatever web page they need without thinking too much. A website should also have amazing pictures that show off what is available at the property. Often travellers want to see visuals as they prove to be more persuasive than just words. A firm must include links to their social media profiles and have a blog that talks about events at the hotel. The site must also include the option to translate words into major international languages, as this will help with getting a higher search engine ranking. Companies should consider hiring a website design agency in Dubai to ensure they generate a top website.

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