Banner Campaign

Creative designers at Digital Arabia produce the most attractive and impactful banners to increase the footfall for your brand. Our Dubai based agency makes sure your brand gains the right popularity by executing a banner campaign with the right strategy. Plus, increase your brand visibility in conjunction with ads in other mediums like print, TV or an event sponsorship.

Why is Banner Campaign important?

Ideally, the banner advertisement for your brand will appear on various websites, thus the campaign aims for your brand and name to stick in people’s minds not just to convert sales. Of clear and concise benefit to the audience, a good banner ad should include a strong call to action and take the audience to the most relevant page on your website. Needless to say, a successful banner ad campaign requires expertise in order to:

  • Promote your brand to a large audience
  • Track clicks and conversions easily with cookies and specialised landing pages
  • Reach your audience through frequently visited websites
  • Deliver strong ROI
  • Result in significant traffic increase for your website
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Our work on a Banner Campaign involves

Effective branding

The major purpose of running branding campaigns is to achieve recognition and create a lasting effect.

Direct Marketing advantage via Click-Through Advertising

It’s important to appreciate the effectiveness of each banner ad relative to its budget – we’ll guide you through the entire process until successful completion.

Generating value

Our approach to banner campaigns combines branding and click-through strategies to result in maximum value from your ads.

Comprehensive planning

Planning a successful banner campaign takes time and effort but, when done correctly, results in strong ROI.

Appropriate ad placement

It’s vital to decide on the best possible placement of the ad before spending your money on a campaign.

Creating the ad that clicks with its audience

Many people have unrealistic expectations from a single banner ad – the key lies in making the banner appealing to the core audience to achieve success.

Rendering maximum effect

Once we’ve determined the sites on which to place the ads, we’ll get busy with the design work.

Enable campaign testing

It’s important that the sites featuring your banner ad enable site statistics software, so you can test the effectiveness of your banner.