Conversion Rate Optimisation

Digital Arabia and its team of experts excel at increasing your conversion rates. We use the most latest and effective digital technologies to make sure every visit on your website turns in to a conversion. Plus, you make maximum profit from your online presence. This is what Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) at Digital Arabia aims to tackle with their well-planned, well-designed (for your hotel only) and well executed strategy. Our experts and their solutions boost the revenue you receive based on the number of visits you accrue. Contact us at Digital Arabia to learn more.

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation is important?

Successful SEO means nothing unless your website encourages users to stay and purchase. Conversion Rate Optimisation then might come down to improving the site’s visuals or the user-friendliness of the checkout process. In short CRO helps to:

  • Find the real sales potential of your website
  • How best to convert traffic into sales
  • Make bigger returns on advertising investment
  • Enable the injection of more profit back into your business.
conversion 1 Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our work in Conversion Rate Optimisation involves?

Testing of usability

It’s vital to test the usability of your website, including the software and different apps.

Running customer surveys

Taking surveys can also produce valuable insights – it requires asking the right questions of the right people at the right time.

Generating heatmaps

Adding a small script to a desired page ensures you can start collecting useful data (a heatmap of clicks) to derive significant insight.

Experience mapping

If you’re looking for a comprehensive technique to chart the customer experience on your website, then experience mapping’s a great option.

Google Analytics ABC (Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversions)

Google Analytics recently changed its interface, identifying three main groups of metrics and basing on them the optimised conversation rates.

A/B testing

This is a method used to verify your hypotheses – the more accurate the procedures, the higher the chances of success.


To incorporate the segmentation approach you need to focus on the likes of first and return visitors, cart abandonments, geo-segments and loyal customers.


Personalisation’s one of the most effective CRO techniques – it allows you to optimise the rate of conversion in the best possible way.