Digital Arabia we are forever creating and using the latest techniques to generate more traffic to your website. Our experts here use the mini-site strategy produced to concentrate search engines’ focus on specific keywords to help you rank high. Mini-sites link to your site and ensure your online content is super relevant to your business. This too leverages traffic opportunities so without being overlooked. Contact us to find out more.

Why MINI-SITE STRATEGY is important?

Want to funnel more traffic from search engines to your main business site? Mini-sites are ideal for this. Usually comprising 5 pages or less (dedicated to a keyword phrase with slight variations), mini-sites are great in order to:

  • Implement SEO without having to alter main site content or deploying PPC ads
  • Leverage fast and very easy set-up
  • Direct properly relevant traffic to your main site
  • Use Google indexing to your advantage
  • Enable upgrading of successful mini-sites to full sites for even more conversions.
minisite Mini Site Strategy

Our work in MINI-SITE STRATEGY involves

Quick loading time

Page loading time is an important component in keeping any user on a website.

Easy to navigate

Strong site navigation makes it easy for visitors to quickly find information that interests them.

Personalised follow-up letters

We’ll help you to evaluate the effectiveness of using personalised follow-up letters.

Quality link-creation

Mini-sites need to be linked to the authority of the main site so Google will trust them.

Automated, personalised thank-you letters

Automatic thank-you letters can help you stand out in the eyes of your valued customers.

Easy ordering process

We strongly believe the process of placing an online order should be easier than picking up the phone – especially concerning mini-sites.

Professional looking graphics

Anyone who runs a website has probably wrestled with trying to create quality graphics inexpensively while ensuring they look professional – let Digital Arabia deliver a cost-effective, high quality design for your mini-site.

Target potential customers

New entrepreneurs sometimes resist defining a target customer base, thinking it might limit the business or reduce the number of potential customers – it’s more achievable with mini-sites.