Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign is the most effective tool to use for quickly generating new leads for your business. However, PPC can be a complicated marketing venture. Our experienced and skilled PPC team at Digital Arabia in Dubai can help you reach your desired result with ease. Get in touch with us today.

Why PPC (Pay Per Click) is important?

You can rely on Digital Arabia to manage your PPC campaign because not only do we possess years of experience, we’re also  Google-certified. Ideally put in place alongside an existing SEO strategy, PPC enables you to reach your target audience by directing online traffic to your website – and fast. Our experts will work to analyse the conversions of each click to ensure you’re always making money, selecting the most relevant keywords and phrases your target customers will likely search for.

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Our work in PPC involves

Demographic Bidding

An effective way to buy and sell ad inventory on a per-impression basis, it runs via an instantaneous programmatic auction, similar to the procedures undertaken in financial markets.

A/B testing of ads

A/B testing is a simple experiment that puts two different variants of ads at random – mainly used in the marketing domain, it generates favourable results and improved Click Through Rate (CRT).

Conversion tracking

A free tool to display the results following a customer clicking on your ads, it makes clear whether or not they’ve purchased your product.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is an assessment undertaken in the marketing and strategic management domains to assess the strengths and weaknesses of existing and potential competitors.

Smart bid management

Bid management may be one of the routine activities associated with PPC management, but it’s also one of the most important strategies to incorporate.

Ad extensions

An ad extension allows you to add additional business information to a basic text ad.

Enhanced campaigns

Enhanced campaigns are effective modes to help a business reach people across all devices – they circulate smart ads relevant to the interests of different people.

Monitor market trends

We help our clients monitor changes and gain a competitive edge by revealing the strategies formulated by their competitors, product weaknesses and other valuable components.