Social Media

Digital Arabia creates the right buzz for your brand to increase its popularity and make it a favourite amongst your customers. We make sure your ideal customer comes to you. One of the best social media companies in Dubai, we target the customers by their age, needs, place and interests. Our social media management enables you to connect with an even wider audience of potential customers. Explore and discover the power of social media tools and how it can benefit your business with the experts at our social media agency.

Why Social Media is important?

Like too many business owners and managers, have you neglected social media, believing it to be a flash in the pan? The truth is it’s not going anywhere, its marketing opportunities are enormous and it could seriously drive up your potential customer base.

A terrific way to expose your brand to a specific, even ideal audience efficiently, fast and at low cost, social media marketing enables you to get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors using the latest and most fashionable digital platforms via users’ creation of posts and reviewing on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, the likes of which you may not have considered using before.


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Our work in Social Media involves?

Creating effective content

Creating and curating great content to engage audiences is an essential part of social media optimisation.

YouTube monitoring

YouTube monitoring and censorship are the two methods the platform uses to ensure its content appears in the appropriate form.

Instagram monitoring

A online service enabling users to share photos, Instagram is – if used properly – an effective social media tool.

Reputation monitoring

Reputation management enables a clear understanding of the reputation of an individual or business and enables activities to enhance it effectively.

Community engagement

We offer our clients an effective social media strategy to engage their community and gain recognition.

Auto Facebook moderating

Facebook Page Central includes options of auto-moderation, spam control and maintaining workflow to ensure absolute ease in performing different operations.

LinkedIn monitoring

LinkedIn has recently built up a new and improved monitoring system that helps to track thousands of internal metrics, ensuring its servers and services work smoothly.

Google Plus monitoring

We can help you effectively monitor your Google Plus official brand page to engage more users.