Video SEO

At Digital Arabia, we fully utilise the power of making creative videos viral to strengthen your brand position in the online world. An efficient digital tool, deploying video SEO clips boosts your website’s ranking in search engine results. A video launched with the right strategy and content can optimise your business opportunities, provide maximum visibility to your brand as well as satisfy the content demands of Google.

Why Video SEO is important?

Video SEO shares similarities with SEO-based blogs (and other content), but the sheer visuality is where the difference lies – and the fact that videos are very on-trend; they’re hot and, used right, can make for a devastating marketing tool. They’re easily shareable with enormous potential to go viral and generate vast attention for your brand and traffic to your website. To wit, SEO’s all about:

  • Giving your brand a fun yet informative ‘face’
  • Getting conversations going in the videos’ comments so followers become engaged
  • Demonstrating your company’s on-trend and modern
  • Encouraging the sharing of your content – to increase viewer numbers
  • Including links to your site
why vidseo VIDEO SEO

Our work in Video SEO involves

Relevant content

Digital Arabia helps you help your users with simple, relevant and engaging video content, to make your video communication fast and effective.

Promotion and sharing

We promote your video across a range of video-hosting websites, like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as through content-sharing websites like Tumblr and Facebook to get people talking about your business.

Ranking optimisation

We’ll embed all the relevant keywords and tags into your video to make sure you show up instantly when users search for your keyword.

Video site maps

Our developers will embed a site map into the HTML code of your website to help Google find your video and display it in search results.

Your business, your style

We’ll work closely with you to put together a video that reflects your unique business – whether you’re looking for viral buzz or direct promotion, you’re in charge.

Lights, camera, action!

We will provide the talent and equipment to record whatever you’re looking for, from quirky animation to digital film. Just tell us what kind of video suits you, and we’ll do the rest.

Quality customer service

Digital Arabia offers you a team of experts versed in delivering quality customer service – that is, cheap and affordable SEO video outputs.

High quality video SEO content

At Digital Arabia, you’re assured of quality video SEO of the highest possible standard.