Digital wish-list: what should an SEO agency be doing for you?

If you run an SME and wherever it may be based – in UAE or anywhere else for that matter –it’s highly likely you’ve heard of the importance of SEO in the digital marketing mix. Unless your company practises it, though, it’s unlikely you’re engaged in it. Or that a specialised agency practises it on your behalf. So what should you know? And how should you choose an agency to oversee your SEO endeavours?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) seeks to take advantage of – or ‘optimise’ – Internet search engines for the benefit of a subject – in many cases, businesses of all different types, shapes and sizes. Millions of companies worldwide are at it. Why? Because it increases a business’s Internet footprint and visits to its website and other online presences, thus boosting recognition of its brand and what it sells and, ultimately, driving up sales. SEO does this very effectively because it uses keywords in online content to match the terms entered into Internet search engines, such as Google, by billions of people looking for specific services and/ or products.

Delivering SEO

So, if you’re on the look-out for an SEO company in Dubai to deliver an audit of what your business requires, increase your search engine ranking and optimise, monitor and improve the Arabic – or English-language – content on your website, what should you ask them and check about them so you’re confident they’ll deliver your SEO needs? Here’s a handy checklist of questions:

  1. What SEO expertise does the agency possess?
  2. Do they have client case studies to prove their expertise?
  3. What brands have they worked for and currently work for?
  4. What page rankings have they consistently achieved for clients?
  5. Are they Google-certified?
  6. Do they employ experts in Google Analytics (to monitor SEO results)?
  7. How often will they produce analytics reports for you? Weekly? Monthly?
  8. What added-value packages do they offer as part of their service offering?

It’s crucial for you – or your company’s marketing manager – to consider these points in order to decide whether an agency’s going to deliver what you need from SEO. As so often in the world of business, it’s also advised you meet the team who’ll be responsible for the work, so you can get a feel for what they’re all about – after all, everyone has to be on the same page and work together.