Your hotel blog is one of your greatest marketing assets. Not only does a useful, vibrant and up to date blog provide your guests with useful materials, recommendations and helpful content about the destination, it also gives them a reason to visit your site – which could potentially lead to a booking. Your blog posts are also natural link building assets, which makes them valuable for SEO and provided you keep your blog updated, should provide plenty of fodder for your social media activity.

So, we know how essential it is to treat your blog almost like your own in-house magazine and keep it buzzing with lots of fresh content marketing products. What’s the problem them? With so much riding on the need to produce content, it’s easy to see how your blogs could begin to veer off-track or need a little overhaul. If you have let quantity get in the way of quality or it’s been a while since you looked at your content marketing plan, you might be considering how best to restore quality and relevance to your posts.

Is it time for you to start thinking about a content audit?

You’re Worried Your Content Is No Longer Relevant

No matter how technically ‘great’ the quality of your content, if it’s no longer relevant to your industry or niche, it’s pretty much superfluous. Hoteliers could waste a great deal of time – and money – investing in copy which doesn’t speak to the audience you are seeking to appeal to, and this is a crucial factor to consider when deciding whether or not a content audit might be for you.

You Want to Identify Weaknesses

Even if you’re satisfied with the general quality of your hotel blog content, there’s no reason not to carefully consider how your content marketing could be improved. There is almost always room for improvement, and there is no better time to deal with potential weaknesses than before you’ve begun to feel the reputational or revenue-damaging pinch.

Your Content Is Using Server Space

It’s not purely customer-facing quality control which could influence your decision to conduct a content audit. Content also takes up vital server space – and if it’s not doing the job it’s supposed to do, then it’s effectively costing you space you could be using to boost your website’s productivity elsewhere. You might be concerned about ridding yourself of content – after all, won’t this affect your SEO ranking? Most of those who create and manage content for your site likely don’t have a development background, but if they did, they’d be apt to tell you how bad it is to keep hold of unsuccessful content just for the sake of it.

Your Content Isn’t Reflecting Your Business

Even if your content is relevant to the hotel industry, it isn’t necessarily reflecting the style and target audience of your particular establishment, and for this reason above arguably any other, a well-performed content audit is never time wasted. Your content is out there representing your hotel whether you want it to or not, so why not spend some time ensuring it’s in the best possible shape?