Why hotel companies should think about paid advertising to promote their business

Hotel companies need to think about what is important to them when it comes to spending money on advertising. Businesses can work really hard to establish excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and organically get their firm higher up on major sites such as Google and Bing. This is something that can be done for free and can prove to be a successful way to entice customers directly to a website. What hotel properties need to also do is use paid advertising to get ahead, and beat competitors to increase the web traffic to an online site. The aim for hotels is to get as many direct bookings as possible to maximise their profits.

Companies need to consider creating a branded search campaign that is designed to target high intent searchers. These are customers who are already looking for the property’s name on search engines such as Google. The goal is for the firm to appear above the fold, which means visible on a screen without a potential guest having to scroll down. By investing in branded advertising campaigns, companies can appear at a high level on search engines to attract more web traffic. Investing in PPC or pay per click advertising is important in this modern digital age, as this will guarantee a rise in customers who will discover the hotel site.

Another reason to pay for this type of marketing is businesses definitely want to be able to compete with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). They are obviously helpful to hotel companies as they provide guests who have booked a room, but firms also pay them a commission fee every time this happens. With something like Google Adwords businesses only pay when the guest clicks on the online advert. A hotel firm wants its property’s website to appear before the OTA, and that can actually be achieved through a branded online ad campaign.

When creating a Google Adwords campaign companies must include the right keywords to entice customers, as well as have a persuasive call-to-action message. The words in the advert have to be captivating, and potential guests must feel they have all the information they need. Firms must ensure their campaign is working so they should track it to make sure that it is helping to increase bookings. Google Analytics is a useful tool in this endeavour, but Adwords also has its own tracking system. Hotel companies should consider hiring a PPC agency in Dubai to help them with the work that is needed to create a top marketing plan.

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