How hotel companies should use social media to improve customer engagement

Using social media is a very crucial part of gaining customers when trying to promote a hotel business to the buying public. There is much to learn when it comes to these platforms, as it is not as easy as it first looks. Companies need to sign up to the main three sites that include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. One of the most crucial things is working out which other sites are useful including Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Firms must not take on more than they can with social media, as it requires them to add posts several times a day. This takes some work but hotels have to ensure that their profiles remain fresh and interesting.

User engagement is a crucial aspect to excel at when it comes to social media, as firms that are able to interact with potential or existing guests will build a strong customer database. A hotel firm must ensure it regularly analyses the comments and mentions on all social media profiles they have created. Increasing social media engagement is crucial as that attracts customers to head to the website and learn about the residence. Getting positive comments on a Twitter feed or underneath an Instagram profile is a brilliant review. When guests read a great social media review about a hotel firm they are more likely to want to stay there.

There are certain ways travellers can be enticed onto a hotel website through social media. One important technique is by offering a competition where perhaps the hotel firm wants its customers to take a picture of them enjoying their holiday. They could be asked to post this on Instagram with a special hashtag attached, and for the best image and the runners-up there could be prizes. The hotel firm could offer a special discount on a spa treatment, a free night at the residence or a complimentary dessert at its on-site restaurant. Firms could ask guests to do something as simple as liking their Facebook page to be put in a prize draw.

Often staff members at hotel companies do not have as much time as they would like to dedicate to social media in a typically busy working day. They must remember fresh content on profiles can just be a retweet or repost that has been generated by a social media user. Firms must try and post messages on their social media accounts at least twice a day. It is also crucial to remember that a social media profile must have a call-to-action button that leads customers straight to the reservation engine. Hotel businesses must hire a top agency that has plenty of knowledge about social media in Dubai that can help with raising sales.

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