Mobile Apps

With a smart mobile app, keep your brand connected with your customers at all times. It helps you stand out from the rest, build a personal relationship with your customer, increase your brand recognition and stay-up-to-date with the trends. At Digital Arabia, our skilled mobile application developers, create a unique, exclusive and easy-to-use app for you brand. The app created by our agency in Dubai provides your customers their own personal browser for your brand and in return helps you engage with them better.

Why Mobile Apps are important?

The take-up and usage of the smartphone in recent years has been staggering. To make mobile users feel welcome and wanted by your company then, you might consider launching a mobile site or responsive web design – but even better, you might consider launching an app; a more exclusive experience with a flexible user interface and instant access to all your products, services and offers. As part of a mobile app development package, we can guarantee you:

  • Flexible UI for different environments and user behaviour
  • Quick development in our configuration-based environment – no need to code
  • A variety of data synchronisation options so you’re covered in any scenario
  • The marketing of your app to iPhone, iPad and Android users.
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Our work in Mobile Apps involves

Codeless development

Our mobile apps are built in a configuration-based environment without the need to write code. Developers drag and drop components on mobile forms, configure their properties and define event-based actions in order to get the required functionality – app development has never been faster.

Security design

At Digital Arabia, we never approach designing an app without security in mind – and we always make it a priority to test the in-built security factors are operating as they should be throughout the designing process.

Device agnostic design

App developers don’t have to cater for a specific mobile platform or device, instead they can focus on functionality, rest assured the interface will be automatically rendered on any mobile device with a native look and feel – at Digital Arabia then, we can ensure a build-once, run-anywhere approach to mobile app development.

Data synchronisation design

As part of our app designs, we offer a number of data synchronisation options to cover any online or offline use – we will listen to your needs and concerns and decide with you the most suitable options before implementing  them into the design.

Flexible UI design

Your app’s user interface can be adjusted during run-time according to specific conditions, data values or user actions – so developers can build an engaging UI incorporating logic at the mobile presentation layer.

Icon editor

Our apps include an icon editor which enables the developer to select icons from a library or develop tailored, eye-catching icons using a wizard-like interface.

IPhone / iPad application development

We are experts in the field of iPhone app development and so will guide you through the comprehensive journey starting with design, through development and testing to the launch of your iPhone software programming solutions.

Android application development

Android offers various benefits and key-features, as it’s an open source smartphone- and mobile-operating system delivered by the efficient, user-friendly giant of the tech world, Google.