Optimising Search Engine Optimisation: What SEO can do for your Business

If you’re launching a new business or have run one for a while and aren’t familiar with digital marketing, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of SEO, but aren’t particularly – or, even, at all – sure what it means and entails.

As the world becomes more and more enveloped by the tidal wave of digital technology that’s been unleashed over the last few years, the ins and outs of digital marketing can feel like they’ve become ever more complex – and to some extent that’s true; and true of SEO. But for SME owners, we’ve now surely reached the point where accepting and implementing digital marketing’s become unavoidable. And that’s true pretty much wherever your business is based – in Dubai, London, New York, Tokyo or Timbuctoo.

What is SEO?

Simply put, search engine optimisation (SEO) is placing keywords in online content (usually on websites and blogs or on other business’s sites and blogs), which are specifically chosen to represent a service or a product that a company wants to promote and will appeal to people searching online for such a service or product. Thus, the keywords will show up in Internet search engines (i.e. Google) and boost the page rankings of a business on those search engines. Such keywords may well be back-linked too to take those who click on them through to ‘landing pages’ where they might be able to purchase a relevant product or service.

The need for a tactical strategy

So much for the theory, but what about SEO in practice? Well, here’s the rub. If you don’t know what you’re doing with it, it’s definitely important to call in experts – an SEO company in Dubai, say – to perform an audit of your website’s SEO (and wider digital marketing) strategy, come up with strong, targeted keywords and boost your search page rankings to, yes, ultimately boost your bottom line.

To that end, SEO is undoubtedly a powerful tool, but without a well-conceived and carefully executed tactical strategy, it can be all for nothing. When used correctly and effectively, SEO encompasses keyword creation and management, content production, copywriting and blogging, producing progress reports, deploying data analytics and learning lessons and constantly tweaking and improving. All of this has to work together in harmony; and for that it’s best to call in an expert – an SEO agency like Digital Arabia.