Launching your new hotel app is an exciting time, likely the culmination of an extensive design and development period and representative of a chunk of your marketing budget. According to Statista, as of March 2017 there were 2.8 million apps on Google Play, 2.2 million available to download via the Apple App Store, 669,000 on the Windows Store and 600,000 on the Amazon Appstore. That’s a lot of competition to beat if your app is to gain the traction and rack up the downloads you require to generate the required ROI and room reservations.

As with most things, planning is the key. As part of your hotel app marketing strategy, it pays to spend some time thinking about what can go wrong, as well as what you’ll do to drive awareness and stand out from the crowd. Being aware of some of the major potential pitfalls means you can put a plan in place to avoid them, helping you app launch go off without a hitch. As a general rule, apps can help to drive your ROI forwards and provide a great avenue for mobile outreach. However the quick nature of a mobile app can sometimes lead to some equally quick, careless marketing. What are the possible problems you should be aware of when marketing your app to avoid disappointing or underwhelming your audience?

Failing to Understand Your Audience

Your marketing plan should be formed to suit your target audience. This will help to devise content and activities which suit them. Refer back to your buyer personas and other content you have created in the recent past to help gage what’s been successful when formulating the tone of your app marketing materials and content.

Ignoring the Need for a CTA

A clear, strong call to action is a vital component of marketing your new hotel app and your mobile apps optimization. A sufficiently powerful CTA will provide a sense of urgency to those who you want to download and engage with your offering.

Not Encouraging Reviews

Your hotel app marketing won’t be truly optimized unless you consciously encourage reviews. They’re displayed prominently on the app store and will be one of the best ways of demonstrating how great your app is to your audience.

Having a Website Which Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

When marketing your mobile app, you’ll likely want to conduct some form of marketing activity on your own website – but what use is this if your own website isn’t mobile friendly? Having a site design which isn’t mobile responsive will only reduce the credibility of your mobile app and likely prevent downloads.

Neglecting Your App Marketing Research

Marketing a mobile app is different to almost any other marketing project. The app industry is competitive – and when tied to another industry as competitive as the hospitality industry, it’s a perfect storm to create something very special or disappear without a trace. Research prior hotel marketing app launches and take note of the things they did right, and the things they did wrong. That way you’ll be in the best possible shape for your own successful app launch.