How to Promote Your Mobile Application Launch in Dubai

Thousands upon thousands of mobile apps hit the Apple and Google stores on a daily basis. However, many fail to draw any real market revenue, and do not succeed when it comes to generating interest. In this technologically-dominated age, and with so many different marketing tools at your immediate disposal, this may come as a surprise. It is so important to devise a detailed pre-launch marketing strategy before making any definite plans, as this will ensure you cement your reputation in what is undoubtedly a hard-fought industry.

The Dubai mobile marketing trade is booming, and consumer demand is at an all-time high. More and more devices are becoming readily available to consumers, and even though these gadgets are relatively expensive, they are perceived as must-have items. Therefore, your mobile app needs to be unique, interesting and dependable. From investing money in targeted ads, collecting important information and expanding organic research; all bases have to be covered when it comes to implementing hybrid marketing strategies.

There are three crucial factors which you have to take into consideration when it comes to pre-launch mobile marketing. Every marketing action that you undertake should be carefully thought out, and planned down to the very last detail. If you are looking to expand and develop your organic reach as well as collate information then all you have to do is follow these instructions and you cannot put a foot wrong. Follow in the footsteps of other leading mobile application development companies in Dubai, and really make a name for yourself.

  1. Connect with beta users

There is an increasing number of useful Content Management Systems available for you to take advantage of, which allow for easy implementation of a landing page strategy. One of the most basic-but useful-marketing tips to follow which will instantly allow you to integrate with test users is to throw a landing page for your mobile applications. This will enable people to find you and do some research about your company on their search engines.

You could choose to utilise the services of an experienced digital marketer if you do not want to pay a full rate, and have to stick to a strict budget. Social media is the other go-to marketing tool if you are looking to engage an audience and expand your existing customer base. It is the ideal platform if you want to interact directly with customers and answer any pressing queries which they may have. You can also re-direct your Twitter traffic to your landing page in order to pull more information and obtain a larger number of email addresses. Search out as many potential customers as possible. Although social media is important, it does not solve every problem. If you identify the networks which relate to your business and use them wisely then this is the best approach to take.

  1. Identify your alpha, beta users

You need honest, accurate feedback if you are to launch a mobile app which is destined to be successful. Beta users serve as the perfect test group in which to ask for this information. You may choose to do a private launch, or alternatively do an ‘open beta’, which is open to everyone and gains more impressions. In certain instances, invite-only beta launches are favoured as they are more customer-focused and ensure that you get feedback from trusted, reliable networks. Offering referrals and incentives may heighten the growth of your beta users. They could also choose to stick with your company after the initial launch, which is always a bonus.

It does not matter whether you are a small business with a limited budget or a larger organization with a great deal more to spend, as everyone can build targeted, specific email campaigns in order to reach out to beta users and direct them on how to operate the mobile application.

  1. Engage the press

In order to create an internet buzz and cause a stir then concentrate on engaging the press. They feed on consumer hype and effective branding, and will always get involved in a venture if it could benefit them in some way. You could decide to pay PR consultants or request favours from established media contacts, or instead reach out to newcomers looking for the next breaking mobile app cover story. However, if you do choose to seek assistance from PR industries then it could cost you thousands of pounds, so be cautious.

If you encourage the press to invest in your app and entice prospective customers to give it a try then this could cement your reputation as one of the most highly respected and established mobile marketing agencies in Dubai. It’s all about getting in touch with the right people, at the right time. Once you have the necessary contacts put into place then there is nothing stopping you!