Why Responsive Design For Your Website Is A Business No-Brainer

If you think launching a website to help publicise your company and what it does – whether it sells products or provides services – is the single most important step you need to take in digital marketing, then I’m afraid you’re wrong. This may have been true 10 years ago, but time’s moved on; the digital revolution has now become a digital evolution. When accessing the web, the world is increasingly going mobile – and that means, when it comes to your online presence, your business has to as well.

shutterstock 521611126 Why Responsive Design For Your Website Is A Business No Brainer

But don’t just take our word at Digital Arabia for it; take the word of a myriad number of recent research studies the digital media world has undertaken. Whichever way you slice it, ensuring your website’s design is responsive both on desktop and on your customers’ handheld devices is of paramount importance for practically every SME in Dubai, UAE or anywhere else in the world.


The big – and, when you think about it, obvious – deal with smartphones is their ease-of-use. They’re carried around by people in their pockets all day long, every day, and pulled out to be used wherever they may be. It’s surely no surprise that one study discovered seven in every 10 (70%) of mobile searches lead to action on a website (i.e. a phone call, a store visit or, of course, a purchase) within just an hour.

And that’s maybe even less surprising when you consider statistics suggest that four in every five (80%) of smartphone users shop online using their devices rather than via desktop. Indeed, conversion rates (website hits resulting in sales) have become almost three times as frequent when customers use mobiles instead of their laptops or desktop computers.

Go responsive

So, the message is clear – it’s imperative your company seeks out a responsive web design company Dubai to ensure your site’s design is compatible and user-friendly on desktop, laptop and especially mobile and tablets.

When it comes to business, it’s often important you appeal to as wide a field of customers as possible – and with more than two-thirds (67%) of shoppers proving more likely to purchase from a site compatible with their smartphone than one that’s not, it’s patently clear the responsive route’s the way to go. Many companies report increased sales as a result (62%) – so surely you have to ask yourself, why isn’t yours one of them?