Make no mistake. Your booking engine is one of the most important parts of your website. In addition to its primary function of driving revenue in the form of hotel bookings, a well-designed booking engine can also give a huge boost to your entire online presence. A great booking engine will help you to secure more direct bookings, ensuring you reap the revenue boosting benefits that come alongside offering a superior user experience and smart, frictionless rate finding comparison and reservation tool.

In addition to those financial gains, the more seamless the user experience provided by your booking engine, the greater the brand building, customer relationship and customer loyalty benefits you’ll experience.

As booking engine experts, Digital Arabia has the skills and expertise needed to make your booking engine one of a kind. But what sets the booking engine offered by Digital Arabia apart from other booking engines by other providers? Read on to find out …

Rate Comparison Tool

The Digital Arabia rate comparison tool is a fantastic addition to any booking engine, and it comes fully integrated as standard.  A rate comparison tool such as the one offered by Digital Arabia can help you truly maximise your profits and your reputation. It makes it easy for budget-conscious travellers to compare prices which by default means it’s easier to clearly demonstrating the superior value offered by your hotel. It can also be a great tool for continually improving your efforts versus your closest competitors.

Social Media Integration

The Digital Arabia booking engine is so cutting edge it can be integrated with all the major social media channels for optimum usability and bookings – a truly brilliant functionality within a hotel booking engine, and a new way of approaching your hotel digital marketing.

Multi-Lingual Functionality

Your booking engine could have customers from all around the world – and the Digital Arabia booking engine is equipped with a multi-lingual and multi-currency capability to help make their interactions with your site clear and simple, encouraging customer trust and helping secure more all-important bookings!

Advanced Reporting

Digital Arabia’s booking engine has the best reporting tool available, allowing you to drill deep into the data and extract crucial insights to help form new campaigns and continually monitor and improve your pricing structure, marketing activities and booking process. With first-class analytics, demographic data and user behaviour flow, you’ll have all you need to keep track of your customer’s interactions with your booking software.

Dynamic Rate Management

The Digital Arabia booking engine is equipped to handle even the most complex rate management systems, giving you ultimate flexibility when it comes to setting different room rates.

Upselling Functionality

You can be sure of securing even greater revenue by adding a variety of different room and upgrade options in the dedicated ‘check-out’ area of the Digital Arabia booking engine, ensuring the perfect finishing touches which will help make your guests stay even more special.