How To Spring Clean Your Hotel Website For Better SEO And CRO

Any SEO company in Dubai worth its salt will tell you that the process of SEO and CRO is a continuous one. There are no quick fixes and no set it and forget it solutions. If you’re serious about claiming and maintain page one search engine listings for your hotel site, and want to eke the absolute maximum number of conversions from your booking engine, you’ll need to allow time for regular audits and site updates.

If this process is new to you, follow our tips below to learn how to spring clean your hotel website for better SEO and CRO.

1. Convert to https

If your site isn’t already using HTTPS instead of HTTP, now is the time to make the switch. HTTPS can be thought of as a ranking factor. Google’s Gary Illyes said in an interview with Bruce Clay that is two search results are equal, then the one with HTTPS would be favoured over the one with HTTP. This means that you can make an easy SEO win, just by having that extra level of security indicated for your domain.

Having HTTPS is also a prerequisite for using AMP, which can itself help to improve your search engine visibility. It also indicates to visitors that your site is secure. This makes them more likely to trust you and happier to hand over credit card details and other personal information to make a booking. The bottom line? HTTPS can have both SEO and CRO ramifications.

2. Carry out a content audit

One of the foundations of a strong content marketing strategy is that your content should attract, delight and engage customers. You should have content that ticks off each three of these requirements on your site. Carrying out a content audit means you need to go through all content on your site with a fine tooth comb. Asses it for both SEO and CRO suitability to make the most of your time investment.

From an SEO perspective, you’ll need to consider whether or not the focus keyword is still relevant (keeping in mind user search habits do change over time) and whether the piece continues to adhere to best practise requirements.

If you have older pieces of content on your hotel website, it may be that they need editing to bring them up to date, refresh the focus keyword or modified to add more value, be longer in length, have a different keyword density or introduce better visual assets such as images, videos or infographics.

At a conversion optimisation level, you’ll want to check that you have appropriate calls to action, that the content is of a good enough quality and informative or educational enough to help nurture a warm lead through to the booking stage.

You can also use your content audit to identify gaps in content. Are there parts of the discovery, consideration or booking process not adequately served by your existing content? Is there enough content created around your most important keywords and their longer tail variations? If the answer to any of these questions is no, you’ll need to create a content plan to redress these shortcomings.

3. Carry out a link audit

Carrying out a link audit is often suggested if you notice a high bounce rate. You may find that you have a large proportion of visitors landing on your page, then leaving right away without travelling further into the site. While there can be other reasons for a high bounce rate, poor inbound links are one. Low quality links, from non trustworthy sources and with irrelevant anchor text can also hurt your SEO performance and play a part in poor CRO.

Carry out a link audit to assess the quality of your inbound links. Do you have enough of them? Are you acquiring new links regularly? Is the anchor text varied? Do the links go through to different pages within your site?

4. Check your mobile responsiveness

Mobile has been big news for at least the last 12 months and shows no signs of going anywhere yet. Google has announced that it will create a mobile index before the end of the year, launched AMP to make content more accessible for mobile users and said that mobile page load speed is a ranking factor.

If you haven’t yet implemented AMP or tested how well your site performs on a mobile site, as a leading SEO company in Dubai, we can help. Not only is this an area of SEO that is going to continue to grow in importance, it’s also critical to offer search users information they can consume easily on mobile devices for CRO purposes. More travellers than ever are browsing for travel deals and booking hotels and flights on mobile devices. To ensure your hotel is a part of that process, your site must be optimised for smartphones and tablets.