The Best Fit: Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency

If business is about one thing it’s competition. For your company to both survive and thrive it has to be competitive. And that means coming up with a marketing game that’s strong enough to take on your rivals. How do you achieve that? Well, often it comes down to finding the marketing agency that’s the right fit.

Sure, you can look for an award-winning agency that’s all about prestige, but if it’s not compatible with your company’s principles and aims then it’s a waste of time. What you need is an agency that ‘gets’ you. So how do you find the agency that’s the best match?

  1. Make a list

It’s likely you’ll need an agency that’s capable of delivering in all the following areas – but what do you need from them in each case?

  • Website strategy, design and development
  • Blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation
  • Online advertising (PPC, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads)
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Analytics
  1. Look at how they do things

As any agency worth its salt should be at the cutting-edge of all things digital, it’s easy to have a nose at exactly what they do and their approach to work. A decent agency – whether it’s a digital marketing agency in Dubai, London, New York or anywhere else in the world – should maintain its own website and social media presence. So take a look at their portfolio on their site by all means, but also be sure to visit their blog too. If it offers informed, articulate opinions and looks good, it suggests the agency knows their beans. Then check out their social media presence – seek out their profile and their staff’s profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  1. How up on tech are they?

If an agency isn’t up on the latest technologies and updated with the newest tools; forget it. In addition to strategy, technical expertise is the name of the game in digital marketing.


  1. How do they measure success?

Finally, you need to decide whether an agency is going to be able to adequately measure results and report back to you on your business’s marketing performance. How? Find out how important analytics is to them – and how thoroughly they integrate it into their evaluation practices. If an agency can’t deliver on evaluation – as well as strategy, development and delivery – they’re not the agency for you.