Thumbs up: how to get your mobile interface design right

Have you ever heard of the ‘thumb zone’? No, well, don’t doubt it; it’s a real thing, all right. At least it is when it comes to mobile interface design. Actually, it plays a critical role in getting right the appearance and usability of a website when it’s accessed on a handheld device.

Thumb it; don’t fudge it

More often than not, thumbs are critical in how people use their smartphones. A recent study suggests that nearly half of all users (49%) hold their phones in one hand and browse a site’s contents by relying on the thumbs of that hand to scroll through pages and click buttons and on-screen options. Further research has concluded that this activity results in almost two-thirds (75%) of smartphone interaction being thumb-driven

When it comes to interactive design then, the ‘thumb zone’ is all-important; the area of the screen that can be accessed by a user’s thumb as they’re holding the device in their hand. Designers are all aware of the parameters it sets for creating quality interfaces that enable ease-of-use for a mobile-accessed website.

Design choices

In which case, if you’re looking to ensure your business’s website is fully interactive and user-friendly on a smartphone, you’re definitely advised to turn to a mobile app development agency in Dubai, such as Digital Arabia. They’ll be able to provide well-honed expertise in what sort of design best provides what you want from your website.

Bearing in mind the importance of the ‘thumb zone’ then, you might well find a mobile-friendly site works best with an overlay menu. This type of front page enables enough space for a navigation-page list and a sub-page list, as well as social media buttons and much more content as required.

That said, if you’re looking to create or redesign a big website that features many pages and a lot of information, then mixing menus may be the wisest move because they present navigation pages according to their importance and relevance. Alternatively, you might consider sticky menus; very suitable for highly visited links. Ultimately, though, maybe the most important thing is to seek out a reputable website design agency, with the aim of building your site in collaboration with their experience and expertise.