Tips to Design SEO Friendly Ecommerce Websites in Dubai

Due to the fact that the demand for online shopping in the UAE is on the increase, eCommerce websites in Dubai are also on the rise. The requirement to have a carefully constructed, well-planned layout is now of paramount importance. Sites also need to be SEO friendly if they are going to attract an audience and hold their attention. More and more people choose to shop online primarily because it is convenient and quick, and allows them to purchase products on the move. An intrinsically SEO-friendly web design will ultimately result in saving both time and money, which is something any business can benefit from.

There are three key points to take into consideration if you want to design SEO friendly eCommerce sites in Dubai:

  1. Pay attention to the URL structure and information flow of the site

Right from the beginning, (in fact even before you think about starting to develop an eCommerce portal) pay close attention to the information flow of your website as well as the URL structure. Remember to get the SEO expert to work in conjunction with the information architecture specialist and web designer in order to ensure that they are functioning at the same pace. You also have to make sure that all of these individuals have enough knowledge of the behaviour of online shoppers in the UAE and Dubai. This way, from the very start, the website is immediately SEO friendly, and optimises on a variety of resources.

The majority of shoppers are diverting to eCommerce sites because they load quickly, and can be used in any location. Gone are the days where you could only browse sites from the comfort of your own home, as consumers can access sites 24/7, even when they are travelling to remote destinations. Online shopping is fast becoming a lucrative industry in Dubai, which is why everything has to run as smoothly as possible in order to guarantee sales. Any small deterrent to the usability of a site will negatively impact the SEO friendliness of an eCommerce portal.

User friendly features such as filters are certain to make websites easy to navigate, and enable information to flow freely. Any website design agency in Dubai can benefit from effective SEO, which is why it is vital to make sure that your page is full of creative, content-rich pages.

  1. Avoid repeated content within the site

The same content can be repeated at multiple places on an eCommerce portal, and it is easier to fall into the trap than you may think. You must also be able to say a firm ‘no’ to plagiarism, as no search engine likes copied content. Plagiarism can be extremely detrimental to your business, as it defeats the very purpose of the existence of a well-laid out eCommerce portal. If you do not invest in creative, unique content then this could lead to problems in the future.

Instead, choose to place suitable content in a position which is highly visible, as this adds automatic value. Web designers themselves are not content specialists, so can carelessly place content elsewhere, in a location where it will not be viewed by consumers straightaway. Also, if you are writing in multiple languages, as is commonplace in Dubai-then you have to index each language properly in order to prevent duplications.

  1. A High Standard of Product Detailing

If you are a leading eCommerce website owner in Dubai, then your products are your USP. They are at the heart of any business, so you have to place heavy emphasis on promotional campaigns and engaging the buyer so that they browse further. You need to be paying careful attention to how they are featured, as they will be the factors which capture the attention of consumers. Impulse purchases are extremely lucrative, and drive traffic forward like you would not believe!

A decent eCommerce portal always has an extremely precise and clear product description for every item on their site. They feature numerous high resolution images of the product, taken at multiple angles in order to display its different dimensions and overall appearance. If you also list the details of the product, including its pros and cons, as well as pointing out some unique qualities, then this will go a long way as far as SEO friendliness is concerned. While coming up with the page flows, the web design of an eCommerce portal should also inherently keep product detailing and product pages as a central aspect.

All of these guidelines will help you create a dynamic, original, SEO rich website, which will ultimately create a lasting impression and make an immediate impact. If you are looking to give business a boost then these tips will help you go a long way.