Top tips on how to increase web traffic on an online hotel site to gain new customers

The main aim for hotel firms is to get as many travellers to book directly on their website as possible to maximise profits. Creating the most amazing website is a fantastic start when trying to capture the attention of potential guests. Companies can also invest money on top search engine adverts and create brilliant content, but what they need to do is ensure their web traffic is consistent. Generating a superb website means regularly maintaining it and altering certain aspects to stay ahead of rivals in the travel industry. For example sticking with an old web design does not help matters as customers will be put off by the look.


A web design needs to be changed every couple of years as there are usually new things that need to be added. Customers will not stay on a website that looks old or is difficult to use. The content on a hotel website has to be informative and relevant and provide more than just bright colours and pretty photos. A small thing such as the right font can make all the difference to a tourist’s perception of the site. The text size should be adjustable to make sure that customers who want to see the content in large print have the chance to do so.


The website must also not have a huge number of adverts on there, because this should not be the first thing a person sees when they log on. It is not a great idea to have an auto-play video on the hotel site as this will annoy a traveller, who could immediately leave to head to a competitor’s website. An online site has to be really easy to navigate otherwise potential travellers will again want to leave and find a better hotel site to peruse. There should be a certain personality to the website that shows off its brand identity and values. This will help to entice customers to learn more about where they could be staying on their holiday trip.


The content on the site must connect with visitors and allow them to learn exactly what is on offer. A website page must load very quickly and if it takes longer than a few seconds then it needs to be fixed. Delays in loading can affect how long a customer stays on the site and it is something potential guests will remember for the future. Websites should definitely have a call-to-action (CTA) button on each web page that has a message such as Book Now. The button should be large and will encourage customers to head straight to the booking engine.

A responsive web design company can help firms to gain a higher amount of customers.


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