Trends Every Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai Should Be Aware Of

A reputable digital marketing agency should be fully aware of the amount of creativity and analytical skills it takes in providing exactly the right kind of content which appeals to your own specific target audience. Consumers are surrounded by a variety of social media platforms, and multiple devices to access these platforms, and are exposed to such a broad reaching range of services and products on a daily basis. Our modern digital world is filled with exciting facilities which consumers come across regularly, sometimes every hour of every day.

Instagram and Facebook have taken over the digital marketing search and eCommerce duties of Google. Soon, individuals will be looking for products and services on Facebook instead of search engines and SEO sites. Facebook has been working on dealing with online shopping for both small and larger enterprises in order to promote and sell their products. It is expected that, in the future, brands will be getting visibility based on competition and the level of search volume. Business through the medium of Messenger is also on the increase. Messenger allows instant contact with customers, so that you can address any issues and answer pressing queries with immediate effect.

Snapchat is also including a feature which advertises pictures and messages that can be seen across the world. In order to appeal to a younger target audience, various marketing content can be integrated using Snapchat which immediately captures their attention. These days, real time marketing has become extremely popular, and digital marketing agencies have faced difficult challenges when it comes to living up to their clients’ expectations.

Instagram is another recent platform in which companies have started to peddle their wares, as it is one of the most sought-after mediums of marketing. If you want to sell and promote certain products, then with the right techniques and approach, people will start to come to you rather than the other way round. And, due to the fact that Instagram has started to offer paid promotion to users in recent time, it is essential that you consider this form of social media if you want to put your business on the map. If you post at the right time, for example early in the morning or when people are travelling home from work, this could be extremely beneficial. Relevant hashtags are also useful, as they directly relate to your brand, so reach out to customers and only post content which needs to be shared.

Any established digital marketing agency in Dubai will tell you that Pay per Click marketing has been working wonders for them as far as generating consumer interest is concerned. It is that process which works best for ensuring that content goes viral, and is also helpful as regards effective SEO. With unique, innovative content marketing strategies already under your belt, PPC campaigns can fetch you even more results-and you will see turnover increase significantly in the long run.

Tagging people based on their personal interests is yet another feature which has started trending in recent times. These cinematic pins are one of the key trends that every digital marketing agency in Dubai should be aware of. They are set in a motion that, when the user scrolls down, animation starts and stops when the scroll ends. This feature adds up to the visuals of this particular social media platform.

The trend of online books, white papers and blogs has also been growing in popularity, and leads to more platforms for remarketing content. Content remarketing is a process in which you can offer people what they really want, as opposed to what they think they require. By diverting them to your site, you are making them aware of what you have to offer, and what your closest competitors cannot. This is another means of building trust amongst visitors based on the kind of content which only you can deliver. It is all about setting the standard, and making sure that you are different from other, similar companies. If you put yourself out there and make your site fully visible then you are bound to see an increase in ROI.

Mobile also has a huge impact on search marketing, even though many web users are still using desktop, tablet and laptop devices. With the right app, a speedy loading service and easy accessibility at all times, mobile marketing can make such a difference. Sometimes, there is a danger that conversion on higher resolution screens may fail if optimised on a mobile, but if you follow the lead of other companies and ask for assistance from the experts (if needs be) then you cannot lose. Reducing loading times should always be of importance, as if you offer an efficient, speedy service then consumers are far more likely to download an app and use it on the go.

Even simple tweaks and modifications can work wonders, so make small alterations and watch your profit margins go through the roof!