Value for Money: Quality Website Design needn’t Cost the Earth

When it comes to their website, some SME owners may feel they’re damned if they do, but damned if they don’t. What do I mean? Well, you can design your site yourself but it won’t look great, or you can have a fantastic design but pay through the nose for it. Well, no, actually; that’s not necessarily the case…

 Do it yourself – use a template

If you really want to save money, then, yes, you could go the DIY route. A quick Internet search will confirm there are plenty of pre-made templates available – sites such as WordPress provide them; you can use and tweak them for very little cost. The drawback, though, is your site’s design won’t look particularly original and is unlikely to be the most eye-catching out there.shutterstock 522116266 Value for Money: Quality Website Design needn’t Cost the Earth

 Hire a contractor – a freelancer or web design agency

Alternatively, you can hire a freelance designer – or, for that matter, a professional website design agency – to collaborate with you in planning, creating and launching a site. Such a design will doubtless offer professional attributes like advanced features, quality graphics, eye-popping imagery and your business’s all-important logo.

Or you might seek out a web design student. The advantage here being, of all the options where you hand over designing duties to someone else and pay them, it’s likely to be the cheapest. A word of warning, though – a student designer may be eager to inject fresh, very on-trend ideas into the design. By contrast, a web design agency in Dubai will more likely listen to what you want and provide a highly professional piece of work that fits your needs like a glove – and it’s definitely possible to locate one that, like Digital Arabia, provides cost-effective services; for instance many offer special packages and discounts for their work.

 Expand – employ an in-house design team

Finally, your other option is to fully embrace the power that a website gives a forward-looking, aspirational business – that is, speculate to accumulate; hire professionals and build an in-house team dedicated to developing and designing your site. This option opens up the prospect of diversification. Should it prove a success, it makes great business sense to open up the team to crafting websites for other companies, thus adding another string to your organisation’s bow and ultimately bringing in more revenue for the all-important bottom line.