Loaded Commerce

A great tool for retail and other online businesses, Magento e-commerce helps you take full control over product listings, orders and invoices and help you streamline your whole web shop operation. At Digital Arabia, our agency and skilled team enriches your website with this e-commerce tool to help your online business succeed.

Why Loaded Commerce is important?

Need to set up an e-commerce site but don’t know where to begin? Our comprehensive version of CRELoaded is both B2B-secure and a scalable e-commerce application. It includes shipping, payment, marketing, security, design and admin features, in addition to tools for easy customer and product management. Built on the framework of OSCommerce, one of the most respected and relied on open-source shopping cart software packages, it’s been refined and simplified so is easily customisable as your business grows. CRELoaded is:

  • Complete with secure software to scale to the size of your business
  • Easy-to-use and very simple to maintain
  • Dependable for comprehensive coverage of your business – from the back-end to customer-facing features
  • Built from open-source software
  • An integrated content management system (with shipping and payment modules)
  • Capable of generating accurate, detailed monthly sales reports and other relevant statistics
  • Supportive of multiple currencies and languages for worldwide customer satisfaction
creloaded 1 Loaded Commerce

Our work in Conversion Rate Optimisation involves

Statistics reporting

The reporting of all aspects of your store with a convenient tool to track sales trends, product trends, customer trends and customer statistics all in one place.

Monthly sales and tax reporting

An accurate monthly report comprising all details of every aspect of your store – the basic model includes income, taxed and untaxed sales, as well as total sales tax collected for each month.

Integrated shipping and payment modules

An integrated module to control all order processing options, so you can easily install and activate your payment and shipping options – it helps you control shipping, payment, marketing, security, design and administration

Content Management System

CRELoaded combines an advanced content management system with the comprehensive shopping cart application of Loaded Commerce.

Creating meta-tags and defining SEO aspects

A dynamic approach to meta-tagging and search engine promotion will give your business an extra boost.

Amazon integration

This option provides an easy way to start selling your products via Amazon.

Multi-currency support

This facet ensures complete support for running a web store involving multiple currencies, independent of the site’s language mode.

Multi-language support

This offers customers global support – with the option to choose their language when they enter your website.