Magento Ecommerce

As the most powerful e-commerce platform around and the fastest growing shopping cart, Magento Commerce is precisely what you need to make your online store run smoothly – it gives you control over product listings, orders and invoices, thereby streamlining your whole operation.

Why Magento Ecommerce is important?

By using advanced logistics and reporting software, Magento ensures you can organise your inventories, orders, invoices and all your customer and shipping information. Because it’s open-source, you can be assured it’s been improved and revised by freelance developers for the best possible user experience and that it integrates with Amazon and eBay to ease the management of your sales and customer accounts over multiple channels. It also helps you build brand loyalty via gift cards, discounts, wish lists and store credit. In short, Magento Commerce gives you:

  • A strong community-based structure
  • Easy access and a simple editing process
  • Flexible pricing rules, order management and multi-channel ability
  • Integration with SEO to boost traffic (including meta-tags and custom URLs)
  • Multiple product images with zoom capability
  • Website connection with m-commerce or third-party applications
  • Numerous payment and shipping options to keep your customers happy.
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Our work in Magento Ecommerce involves

Attracting and retaining customers

Digital Arabia can help you use Magento to engage potential customers and retain existing customers – you can customise your web shop’s design, create coupons and implement customer segmentation.

SEO tools

A flexible feature designed to boost your search engine rankings, applying to your stores, customer groups and Google sitemap, which also includes URL re-writing and meta-information for your products and categories.

Buying made easy

Convert visitors to sales by supplying a seamless online retail experience with multiple payment and shipping options, continuous shopping and advanced search functions.

Foster brand affinity

Keep your clients coming back for more by offering store credit, gift cards, a gift registry service and customer wish lists.

Personalise and refine your website

Magento allows you to customise the look and feel of your official website by combining it with mobile commerce applications, third-party applications and extensions for a more flexible site design.

Flexibility and security

Magento also keeps your site secure, helping you expand into new markets and new countries by offering scalability, optimised performance and reliable backups.

Trouble-free product and catalogue browsing

Add client-friendly features such as multiple product images, zoom-in capability and layered and faceted navigation.

Management features

These features ensure hassle-free shipping, checkout, payment, customer accounts and order management to ensure your web shop runs smoothly and helps you deliver 100% customer satisfaction.