Mobile Websites

In a world of smartphones, it’s essential for every business to make their website mobile. Our website development agency in Dubai, skilfully makes your website responsive for mobile and ensures your customers have a smooth browsing experience of your website on their smartphones. This in turn increases your conversion rate.

Why Mobile Websites are important?

If customers are leaving your website within mere seconds because it’s not optimised for mobile browsing, it could be a serious blow to your profits (research suggests most users will leave a non-optimised site within 20 seconds). However, a mobile site can put this right, as it ensures users enjoy the best experience possible from your site – no images running off-screen or ads taking up too much space, while the text will be at a readable size and scripts run smoothly. A mobile website then is ideal to:

  • Retain mobile browsers and increase mobile conversion rate
  • Ensure a broader global reach – discover customers wherever they are
  • Provide customers with an app-like experience
  • Enable the sending of content relevant to users’ locations via geo-location technology
  • Integrate with Google Maps to help customers find your business offline
  • Zoom product images so small-screen browsers can view your products clearly
mcommerce Mobile Websites

Our work in Mobile Websites involves

Granting easy access to your contact information

It’s crucial to create an easy path for the user to find your contact information – the effort will be fruitful if the user’s able to click directly on your contact details from their device.

Zooming/ moving product images

The screens of mobile devices are much smaller than a desktop screen, so you need to ensure users can enlarge all your product images easily – unless they’re able to view your product clearly they’ll simply move on.

No need for redirects

As mobile devices are gaining popularity at a tremendous pace, it’s important to optimise your mobile site at the same rate as your desktop site.

Optimising mobile site

It’s crucial to remember mobile screens are smaller and not compatible with all media formats such as Flash, hence the need to keep content simple and enlarge links so they can be clicked easily.

An app-like experience

Apps are hugely popular; people just love to use them – one of the best ways to design your mobile site is to render an app-like feel.

Implementing map and directions

Try to include a map or directions along with your contact information – it can easily be done through Google Maps integration, enabling users to get directions to you from their current location via GPS.

Creating location awareness

Of all elements, this is the one that can really improve the user experience – a mobile device can send content specific to the user’s surroundings using geo-location API technology.

Brand promotion

The site and different apps can be used to promote your brand – specifically, a precise image of your business that generates trust in the mind of users.