nRetail Web Shop

Nretail is a great online retail solution for retail websites. N-retail is a custom-designed e-commerce package that helps you set up your web shop with ease as well as gives a smooth buying experience to your customers. Its software has been designed and developed by Digital Arabia’s expert software team (supervised by internet marketing specialists). This software provides a full set of advanced tools that help you set-up and manage your online shop.

Why nRetail Web Shop is important?

Designed and developed by our in-house e-commerce experts, the nRetail system offers a full range of services to make the process of starting up a web-shop hassle-free. It ensures setting up your storefront, managing your inventory, processing orders, running promotions, adding SEO features (such as meta-tags) and analysing your website’s performance is easy and runs like clockwork. With years of experience behind it, our team has set up over 400 such web-shops in the UK, each custom-built for its individual, unique business – just like yours. nRetail’s benefits include:

  • Providing a professionally-designed web page to draw in customers
  • Deploying SEO techniques to raise search engine rankings and increase traffic
  • Hosting of your website and business email address for added convenience
  • Inventory management and customer service tools
  • Secure, fast-tracked order processing – you can become the store your customers love.
nretail 1 N Retail

Our work in nRetail Web Shop involves

Storefront setup and design

Your storefront is your biggest selling point to new customers – we’ll work with you to design a page that’s informative, eye-catching and draws your clients in for more.

Search engine-friendly setup

As with all our services, your web store will be optimised to bring clients in from web searches via premier SEO techniques.

Customer service

Be the store your customers recommend to their friends for friendly, efficient service.

Email and hosting

We’ll provide a place to host your website as well as your business email address, so you have everything in one convenient place.

Inventory Management

We’ll provide a place to host your website as well as your business email address, so you have everything in one convenient place.

Order processing

We’ve streamlined our software to give your customers a fast-tracked purchasing experience – the faster they get the goods, the more they’ll want to buy!

Site analytics

nRetail includes analytics tools so you can see how well different sections of your site are performing.

System platform and security

We understand that financial data should be handled with care, so you can trust nRetail to keep all your details and customer information safe.