Website Re Design

Staying up-to-date is the key to success for any business. At Digital Arabia, we re-design your website and enrich it with the latest digital trends and technologies. We understand your brand and your customers to recreate the website and design strategies that help you maximise the benefits of giving your website a new look.

Why Website Re-Design is important?

Are you working hard on marketing and SEO, but not seeing the results you ought to? If so, you might need to update your website. If it’s poorly designed or outdated, it can give customers the impression your business itself is unprofessional and unreliable; plus, a hard-to-navigate site will discourage people to use your company. We’ll offer you a FREE and unbiased website evaluation, before analysing your product, brand image, competitors and market to work out how to optimise your conversion rate. A website redesign then, will:

  • Promote your brand to its full potential
  • Improve the website’s conversion rates and profits
  • Update the site’s look and function
  • Capitalise on increased traffic and make your marketing investment go further
why redesign Website Redesign

Our work in Responsive Web Design involves

Defining a strategic purpose

The main aim of a redesign is to create an attractive visual appearance to the existing website that retains users.

Assuring streamlined architecture

Streamlining the site architecture leads to improved navigability, resulting in easy access to information and a much better user experience.

Responsive design approach

We love to use the most modern website design technology called ‘responsive design’ – it optimises the user experience across different browsers, devices and screen sizes.

Rendering faster services

We’ll update your entire site in days, not weeks to ensure brisk administration that takes less time.

Up-to-the-minute technology

We design websites by using the best web techniques and the most up-to-date technology available.

Creating SEO-friendly sites

We guarnatee redesigned pages can be easily optimised with page titles, meta-tags, and navigations – optimisation takes place sequentially in order to ensure higher search rankings

Trouble-free operation

We offer easy customisation and management features to add and edit content of your choice at absolute ease.

Speedy download process

We encourage small-sized document outlining to enable an ultra-fast download process.