Where to go for digital marketing solutions in Dubai?

Well, why not try Attitude Digital?Not only are we Dubai-based, we’ll also make sure you get the best digital marketing solutions, as well as real-time decision-making and 24/7 support. In more detail, here’s the range of marketing services we provide…

Web strategy

Online marketing’s a waste of time if it’s not audience-based and focused; it simply won’t work if it’s not strategic. Not least because the online worldis a complex place, despite all the outstanding opportunities it offers a business in reaching pre-existing and potential customers. To make the most of it then, you need a web strategy. With a strategy you can navigate your way through all the online marketing possibilities, successfully boosting your visibility, effectiveness and profitability.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Fundamentally, marketing’s all about reaching more customers – and one of the best tools to improve your business’s online visibility is SEO. It’s all about making sure your company rises through the rankings on the pages of those all-important search engines, so not only will more people see you, but they’ll know what you doas well.

Among our Dubai digital marketing offerings at Attitude Digital, we also provide Multilingual SEO servicesand run mini-site strategies,which involves buying up domain names based on suitable and specific keywords associated with your business to further boost your search rankings.

Social media

Yes, on one level social media’s all about chatter, but on another it can be a great marketing channel that, if harnessed effectively, will see potential customers come to you rather than you having to constantly and actively target them. Done right, social media management is about ‘going viral’ – fast recognition in very big numbers.

Email marketing

Digital media is forever moving and changing but, don’t doubt it, there are few marketing devices as effective as a personalised, branded and targeted email campaign. If one thing’s for sure nowadays, it’s that people – whoever they are – are always obligated to check their emails.So a good email campaign can rapidly raise your business’sprofile– which means more website clicks and conversions for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Ensuring PPC drives customers to your online presence depends on your business rapidly achieving top rankings in search results via well-chosen keywords – and solid, quality written content. At Attitude Digital, we have a track record in effective PPC – you can count on us to deliver.

Banner campaigns

We offer two types of banner campaigns (one that focuses on branding and the other click-through banner ads), but both are designed to maximise your website traffic.

Video SEO

Thanks to hugely popular platforms like YouTube, it feels like online video streaming has conquered the world. And there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t join the club – an online sensation that’s as viral as video can be a hugely powerful marketing tool.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Who wouldn’t want to generate sales without having to fork out money to attract new customers? By addressing the ‘bounce rate’ of your web presences (that is, how many visitors move on without buying anything), we’ll turn more of your browsers into spenders. An offer you can’t refuse,surely!