Writing blogs is a vital aspect of your hotel’s content strategy, but it’s often the title itself which first decides whether a viewer is going to hang around and read the content. No matter how great your copy, without an enticing title, the effect could be lost. Think about it – when you pick up a newspaper or head online to catch up on the day’s headlines either with a news site or via a social media platform, what determines what you do and don’t click on? In most cases, it will be the headline. A good headline is descriptive and accurate but also draws you in and makes you want to learn more. It’s an art form and one journalists spend years learning how to perfect.

We know you don’t have that luxury. You want more readers, now. So how do you make sure your blog titles draw in a healthy readership?

Avoid Hyperbole and Clickbait

Nobody likes to be conned by clickbait, so however creative your title, try to ensure it’s also accurate and represents the true content of your blog post rather than over exaggerated claims which have little relation to the realities of what you’ve actually written. This is especially important if you share your posts on social media, as clickbait has been outlawed by the likes of Facebook.

Consider Your Buyer Personas

One of the greatest tools for ensuring you form blog titles which appeal to your guests could be right in front of you, in the form of your buyer personas. These handy personas can help to guide many of your key marketing activities, including your content marketing. By spending some time thinking of what your ideal buyer would want from a blog post, you can then consider what sort of wording would draw them in from the very outset.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Working Title

Sometimes the ideal title will pop into your head, quite unexpectedly, whilst writing the blog content. However it helps if you start with a straightforward working title to help anchor the content and keep it relevant; no one likes to spend too long staring at a blank page, and the absence of a title – no matter how imperfect or impermanent – could seriously hinder your ability to formulate great content which sparks your imagination to find a replacement.

Remember To Optimize for SEO and Social Sharing

You want your content marketing to be shared – so consider how the title will work in this context. Slipping in a couple of well-placed SEO keywords applicable to your hotel is also helpful here, and anchors the reader with a strong sense of what the copy is actually all about.

Discuss With Someone Else

Few great ideas are created in complete isolation. If you’re not sure what to title your latest blog post, why not brainstorm with someone else? A colleague or a friend works brilliantly in this instance – someone who understands the basics of what you’re trying to achieve, but isn’t as weighed down by the logistics as you are. You’d be amazed how many problems are solved when you get an outside opinion.